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The Bismuth Smith - Sea Turtle 1

The Bismuth Smith -  Sea Turtle 1
The Bismuth Smith - Sea Turtle 1
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Sea Turtle 1


Natural bismuth is a delicate crystalline metal that is rarer than silver. Found along with other rare metals in deposits and veins, this is naturally occurring element (#83 on the periodic table) metal produces interesting colors and crystal structures.

Bismuth develops a clear oxide layer that produces the vibrant colors. Through a  phenomenon called “thin film interference,” it breaks the light spectrum into different colors. This occurs because the width of light waves and oxide are very similar in thickness to each other. The light interacts with the thin layer of oxide and refracts exceptionally bright and vivid colors, much like the rainbow effect seen in soap bubbles or oil on water. Although the metal can have a mirror finish underneath and all of the light is reflected out making the colors of bismuth exceptionally bright.

Bismuth crystals are a marvel of rapid crystal formation. When molten bismuth cools, it forms a crystal structure. The edge of these crystals grows faster than the sides, creating “hopper crystals” that form within minutes.

The Bismuth Smith’s art is the pinnacle of this fragile elegant metal’s potential. Each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art crafted with the same precision and care that a gold or silver smith uses to create fine jewelry. The bismuth metal used to make them has an exceptionally high purity which gives them the most stunning iridescent rainbow finishes that draw out the multicolored beauty of these statement pieces.

Bismuth Care

Due to the delicate nature of Bismuth, it is important to handle it with care. This means washing hands thoroughly before handling any items and handling the items as little as possible. The colors will intensify over time,so it is important to handle it with minimal contact. Sunlight does not affect the color. For cleaning instructions, take the item and rinse with straight tap water until dust is gone. Then Return to its display location and let air dry. 

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